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Sporty Short Catsuit

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Everyone loves a good catsuit trend!! But let's be real sometimes for women it can give that impression that all women fear when it comes to the infamous camel you know what lol Don't worry!! We found the perfect one for you where you don't have to worry about that!! With a stone washed & ribbed look it will help hide and diminish the look of the you know what! So you can finally be a part of this trend that isn't going away anytime soon! And we know why it's trending so much! Because these are sooooo comfy & so easy to wear! Wear it by itself or throw a top over it you really can't go wrong with this!

Size reference TOTAL BODY LENGTH: 24.5"(TOP), CHEST: 23.5 ", INSEAM: 2.25" approx. - MEASURED FROM S/M